Humans of New York; 

Image of New York

Thesis Capstone Project

Spring 2014


Inspired by the work of HONY, Humans of New York. I designed "The Story Hunt" outdoor exhibition & an interactive indoor exhibition to accentuate our similarity in human conditions and allowing visitors to find the connections we have with each other as human.


Our lives & Mission Undersea!

Fall 2013


Collaboration with Intrepid Museum to improve upon their Growler submarine waiting tent. 

The Rock Garden

Fall 2013


Collaboration with Brooklyn Botanic Garden to improve upon their environmental signage. 

Anliza & Jeff

Sept 2012


Wedding invites set designed for my beloved sister, Anliza. Inpired based on their promised in fullfilling each other's lives, one puzzle and a time!

Museum of Sci-Fiction

Exhibition Design Competition

Dec 2014


Exhibition design proposal for the preview museum of MOSF in Washington D.C. Awarded 1st place for best concept & storytelling, best design that addressed the goals of MOSF!

TriBeCa Wayfinding

Fall 2013


Reinventing a wayfinding device and graphic system for TriBeCa, NYC.

The Sugar Master

Summer 2013


A temporary live exhibit was designed to introduce a tranditional Hong Kong Style snack to the NYC auidence in Madison Sq Park, NY.

The Coconuts

Sept 2007


Casted coconut shell in paster, sliced into sections.

Goretti & Edward

Sept 2013


Wedding invites set designed for my beloved best friend, Goretti.

Inspired based on their love story of "Bunny & E.T."!


The Book Nursery

YAC Pinocchio Children's Library Competition 

Dec 2017 

Team Entry


In the 1883 book “The Adventures of Pinocchio,” Pinocchio travels through a

series of destinations, which include “the Island of Busy,” “the Field of Miracle” and “the City of Catchfools.” Pinocchio found these unknown pockets in the world magical and irresistible, and took him on an unexpected journey where he

gained knowledge through mistakes, detours, and surprises.

Instant House Competition

Team Entry

Oct 2012


Special mention awarded for our multi-functional temporary housing design in Milan, Italy. Desige proposal and models were showcased at the MADE Expo 2012.

Stairs Company

Fall 2013


Lighting exercise for a stairs company that specialize in custom treads profiles.

The Brew Haus - EDPA

Fall 2013


Collaboration with EDPA to design their Euroshop2014 booth to promote their organization to the international market.

The Big Blue Think Tank!

Fall 2013


Trade Show booth design for IGT, a casino gaming entertainment machine company.

Capstone Poster

Fall 2013


Capstone poster design for the FIT MA Exhibition Design Capstone event.

Lighting on the Beach

Team Project

Fall 2013


Lighting re-envision proposal for an existing exhibit at the Brooklyn Children Museum.

Revival of the Silo

Team Entry Competition

Jan 2013


Revival proposal for an abandoned cannery complex within Redtory in Guangzhou, China.